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My name is Ralph McGinnis.  Before starting in Real Estate, I have worked as an Industrial Controls Technician, Industrial Engineer, IT Consultant, and Programmer.  Yes, I’m a techy.  No, no, not a nerd!  Just very technical oriented, great with numbers and great with analysis.

I have been working with Real Estate since 2007.  I find Real Estate exciting and fun.  I have worked with the Stock Market, CDs, and Mutual Funds.  Nothing compares to the power of investing in Real Estate. However, it most definitely does have it’s risks. All investments have risk. If someone says otherwise, they either do not know what they are talking about, or they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Beware!

As with any investment, there is a ceiling and a floor. A smart investor will examine the ceiling (upside) for the highest possible result, and the floor (downside) for the least risk. Just like some stocks are more risky, some real estate investments are also more risky. Some are more prone to reward and less prone to risk.

Through the school of hard knocks and through an array of training, I have learned many of the pitfalls to avoid. I have learned how to locate the deals with the strongest upside and the lowest risks. I highly recommend anyone looking to get into real estate investing to consider carefully the risks and rewards of every investment opportunity.

I am currently performing locating services and Fix and Flips. I work with private lenders that want to achieve a high return on their investment, and I help fellow real esate investors find the right properties for their portfolio.


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Ralph McGinnis

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